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how do nursing shift differentials work

That’s the ‘shift differential’, the extra percentage added to the normal rate. When they work the evening shift, they are paid a shift differential of $1 an hour. Shift differentials and premiums for nurses are the first thing to go when the hospital wants to cut back on expenses. Weekends currently pay an extra $2.50 per hour plus evening or night shift differentials that may apply. The theory of compensating differentials asserts that night shift workers should receive compensating wage differentials due to undesirable work conditions. Low-Census and Being Called Off. As can be seen in the chart, shift differentials play a minor role in most industries within service-providing industries (0.3 percent or less), but they Eight-hour days slowly became the norm. If you work that less-desirable shift, you’ll be earning the premium pay of $11.70 per hours worked, since 20% of $9.75 equals $1.95 and $9.75 plus $1.95 is equal to $11.70. Within two years, the company’s profit margins had doubled, according to Leonard Widrich at the Huffington Post. Downvote 1. What is shift differential? The shift differential went up 3.75. Shift differentials aren’t required by federal law, but many companies, especially in the manufacturing industry, offer them as a way of encouraging employees to take an “undesirable” shift such as the night shift or a weekend shift. Or an 8-to-5 for that matter? Nurses often work long hours, and the attendant stress and lack of sleep can impede collaboration with other nurses and physicians and threaten patient safety. The key for night-shift nurses is to pick a schedule and stick with it. Shift differential is $2. Apply to Nursing Assistant, Nurse's Aide, Registered Nurse - Medical/Surgical and more! All of this depends on the employers and their policies. Since I am a new nurse, I didn't realize that my hospital must be the exception and not the rule! Do you even know where is the differential on your car? In weak local economies, workers may have difficulty finding jobs; thus, these workers might be more likely to accept night shift work and be less concerned with the size of the compensating differential for night shifts. Between 1979 and 2015, American workers lost more than 7 million jobs in the manufacturing industry. When working overtime, RNs are paid time-and-one-half of their basic hourly rate of $22. Night shift differential means the differential paid for work performed when the majority of a prevailing rate employee's regularly scheduled nonovertime hours fall between 3 p.m. and 8 a.m. Lunch breaks, for one, are no longer the sacred hour of rest they once represented. Employers use differentials to reward nurses for either working an otherwise unpopular shift and/or for taking on extra responsibilities. Many of us now eat at our desks, and we often take care of left-over tasks on weekends. Job classifications eligible for shift differential and the amount of the differential is determined by HR Compensation in conjunction with the appropriate administrative official. As a result, the company will implement a shift differential pay policy where workers who stay on the line from 2 p.m. to 10 p.m. make a shift differential of 20%. Pay differentials for evening or weekend work are a way of giving employees extra compensation for their flexibility. Barely gettin’ by Report answer. Date Issued: 10/80Date Revised: 09/17A shift differential is paid to compensate nonexempt employees for working during evening and night hours. The power of unions has crumbled, and with less power in the workplace, laborers across the country have become unbelievably vulnerable to abuses of their labor rights. I am also going to speak to a recruiter from On Assignment Nurse Travel, and ask them about shift diff. This is probably the biggest advantage of working the night shift during your nursing career. Since most workers at the factory are eager to get home early, most will prefer working the first shift. Overtime Pay For Salaried Employees [Infographic], Overtime & Minimum Wage Laws 2018: State By State. Answered June 23, 2019 - Staff Nurse (Former Employee) - Charlotte, NC. If the worked hours are equally split between two shifts, the hours are equally divided into the related shifts and will receive shift differential pay accordingly.Â. How Differentials Work. 1. In nursing, there may be extra shift differentials calculated for taking on extra responsibilities as well. People who were once “employees,” and thus entitled to overtime, are now being classified (often illegally) as independent contractors. During the Industrial Revolution, between roughly 1760 and 1840, 16-hour workdays weren’t uncommon. She told me that in California, as a travel nurse, I am not entitled to any shift differential. The employer decides a shift differential rate and can negotiate this amount with an employee. While shift differentials are entirely up to a company, they have to be included in overtime pay calculations. Answered October 9, 2017 - Certified Nursing Assistant (Current Employee) - Boston, MA. Same goes for holiday diffs with a little difference. The following guidelines are used in computing shift differential payments: Evening differential is paid for hours worked between 2:30 p.m. and 10:30 p.m. To be eligible to receive evening differential, an employee must work until 7:00 p.m. Night differential is paid for hours worked between 10:30 p.m. and 8:00 a.m. To be eligible for night differential, an employee must begin work before 3:00 a.m. A shift differential is paid to compensate nonexempt employees for working during evening and night hours. The other employer … Shift differentials aren’t necessarily standardized across the board though you might see some health systems standardize them across all their facilities. Shift diff refers to 3-11p and 11p to 7a and is a per hour rate, no difference with overtime. It would have made sense to people. Normally, a shift differential is calculated based on a percentage of the normal wage. This week, Jane worked 4 day shifts and 2 night shifts. Shift differentials are incentives hospitals give to nurses to encourage them to work during less desirable shifts. The idea that a “normal” workday lasts from 9 in the morning to 5 at night has been cemented in American culture since at least 1980 when Dolly Parton sang those immortal lines: Workin’ nine to five 12 hours over time is similar:12/day or 40/week, etc. Shift differentials are not legally required, but they’re a common perk given to employees who agree to work at odd hours or on holidays. The night shift (C shift) starts at 11:00 p.m. and ends at 7 a.m.Â, To allow departments flexibility, the shift worked is determined and paid based on majority of hours worked in the shift. Mandatory Overtime For Nurses – Is It Legal? There’s no exception to this rule; it’s federal law. First, we need to calculate Jane’s “straight-time” pay, which is how much she would make per hour without overtime added. Effective December 22, 2019, Genesis once again revised its RN pay scale and night shift differential. Make sense or more … Also, pay differentials often accompany night-shift and weekend work.” Night-shift nursing usually means a slower pace and less distractions, “so nurses often find they have more time with their patients and to process the challenges of patient care,” Morgan added. Worked Monday - Sunday especially towards the end of the month. Night shift nursing usually earns you a higher salary. "Majority of hours" means a number of whole hours greater than one-half (including meal breaks). Can I Sue My Employer For Not Paying Me Correctly? Many hospitals offer shift differentials at hourly rates to help supplement a nurse's income in … Now we need to calculate Jane’s “regular rate,” which is her straight-time pay divided by the number of hours she worked: When we multiply Jane’s regular rate by 1.5 (since overtime must be paid at one-and-a-half times a worker’s regular rate), we’ll come up with her overtime wage: We’re finally ready to calculate Jane’s total earnings for the week. Shift differential pay is extra compensation for employees who work a less desirable shift, such as evening or midnight shifts. by Karim Nice. Night differential is an increase in pay to compensate employees for working night shifts. Most businesses will outline how they handle a shift differential, if they’re offered at all, in the employee handbook if not at the time of employment. Does anyone work a “regular” 9-to-5 anymore? But her invocation of a 9-to-5 workday has always been closer to myth than reality. Upvote. Registered nurses (RNs) at a skilled nursing facility are paid a basic hourly rate of $22 an hour. What Is Double Time Pay & When Is It Mandatory? I would say that between my night shift diff and the 1.5x pay each night, 12 hour shifts are definitely more lucrative then 8 hour shifts would be at my hospital. Answered March 27, 2020 - Insurance cash poster II (Former Employee) - Rancho Mirage, CA. This article will explain differentials-- where the power, in most … Differential pay is defined as a situation in which a worker makes more than they normally do for taking on additional work or work that other employees don’t want to complete. Nursing Incentives At Genesis. To allow departments flexibility, the shift worked is determined and paid based on majority of hours worked in the shift. When she works the day shift, which is 8 hours long, she gets paid a regular hourly wage of $20. NEXT PAGE . Report. Employees who perform shift work, especially in health care, factory work or technical services, can receive a pay differential that sets their base wage above that of other employees who do the same work during a more standard workweek. Many of us drudge, and we’re working long hours for lower pay than our predecessors. Search terms included night duty, shift work, sleep, home, family, children, social and friends. In 1914, Ford Motor Company introduced a standard working day of 8 hours and found, to everyone’s surprise, that productivity actually increased. 3 people answered . Speaking with the Chicago Tribune, Whaples said workers of the time rallied together under a call for: “Eight hours for work, eight hours for rest, eight hours for what we will!” In effect, laborers were clamoring for a more equitable distribution of their time, one that would split the day equally between work, personal interests, and time to recharge their batteries. Here’s an example to illustrate how overtime pay should be taken into account when your workweek included differential pay: Jane is a licensed practical nurse at a nursing home. Copyright © 2018 Johnson//Becker PLLC, Monheit Law P.C., and Banville Law | Attorney Advertising. for nights and weekends as well, the pay is satisfactory. When the doctors go home and the other staff are tucked into their beds, night shift nurses are there when the patient’s condition gets worse in the middle of the night, when they have only their wits and their co-workers to count on. So, while I work as a nurse changing the world (and bedpans) I also want to make a good living for my family. It is computed as a percentage of the employee's rate of basic pay. Work any more than that, and most employees would be entitled to overtime wages. If you've read How Car Engines Work, you understand how a car's power is generated; and if you've read How Manual Transmissions Work, you understand where the power goes next. Night shifts currently pay an extra $3.50 per hour. That’s a total of 48 hours, and Jane is entitled to overtime under the Fair Labor Standards Act, so how much should she make for the week? "Majority of hours" means a number of whole hours greater than one-half (including meal breaks).  Whichever shift has the majority worked hours, all of the hours are considered that shift and will receive shift differential pay accordingly. When the finances of the hospital improves, sometimes they bring them back but often times they do not return. Since differential pay is company policy, not something regulated by the government, there’s no standard way to pay it. Recently revised RN pay scale. Asked February 13, 2019. Add an answer. What a way to make a livin’ Prior to the Civil War, industrial workers would toil from sun-up to sun-down – often without a break. And as RN2B07 said, they can really add up. 3 answers . What shifts and how many days do nursing assistant work and type of duties? These pay premiums, called shift differentials, are added to employees’ regular pay rates. Factories were built to increase efficiency, and that meant squeezing every second of productivity out of human labor. It showed 12 hours under my weekend differential pay. Fast Forward to 1:50 if you want to skip the intro. It doesn't combine over two shifts. A shift differential is an extra boost in pay given to employees when they work on late shifts. Downvote. While I would never suggest nursing to someone just for the money, if you wonder what kind of nurse makes the most money it really comes down to playing the differentials … Is it true that you don't get shift diff as a travel nurse? So Dolly’s song would have played well in the 1940s. Since differential pay is an internal company policy and not something regulated by the government, there’s no standard way to pay it. But work, and this seems to be a relatively recent development, has a way of spilling into traditionally non-work hours. People get sick at all hours of the day and night, and they always need someone there to take care of them. The first shift starts at 6 a.m., ends at 2 p.m., and pays at an hourly rate of $9.75 per hour. One employer may offer a higher base salary, but very small differentials. Upvote. As a result, shift work is common for many occupations within the healthcare industry.5 Chart 3 shows shift differentials as a percent of gross earnings in all the service-providing industries. I'd say average is probably 24-32 hours per week. Working for two-thirds of a day just wasn’t sustainable. I have found that most nurses do NOT work 40 hours, full time anymore, because most hospitals offer full benefits packages with as little as 20 hours per week. An effective practice used by many U.S. employers is using shift differentials—pay premiums to compensate employees for working shifts other than regular weekday hours. A review of nursing literature from 1995-2014 was con-ducted. While the FLSA’s 40-hour-workweek still holds good, and workers who spend more than 40 hours on the job in a single week are still generally entitled to higher overtime wages, how – and how much – we work has changed drastically. What Can I Sue My Employer For? Manufacturing jobs, the inspiration for “9-to-5,” have disappeared. Example: Two Different Shift Differentials . Is this in compliance with … [Infographic], 4 days x 8 hours per day x $20 per hour = $640, 2 nights x 8 hours per night x $20 per hour = $320, 2 nights x 8 hours per night x $2 per hour (shift differential) = $32. Asked November 25, 2017. If you are a nurse committed to providing quality, compassionate care in a state-of-the-art hospital where your talents and contributions are appreciated on a daily basis, Genesis HealthCare System is the employer for you. What is the shift differential for nurses for nights and weekends? You may have already heard of hazard pay which is another example of differential pay and which refers to situations where workers are offered premium pay or perhaps even a bonus for performing dangerous work. The second shift, from 2 p.m. to 10 p.m. is usually far less desirable. This means there's a $1 shift differential for what some consider undesirable shifts. Shifts are defined as follows for the specified entities: Employees eligible for shift differential must work 4 or more hours on the evening shift (B shift) or night shift (C shift).  If an employee works less than 4 hours, the worked time is classified as day shift (A shift).Â, The standard evening shift (B shift) starts at 3:00 p.m. and ends at 11:00 p.m. But when she works the 8-hour evening shift, there’s a shift differential of 10%, so she gets paid $22 for those hours worked. We’ll use this number to figure out Jane’s overtime wage. Report. Reza Estakhrian / Getty Images. Places that work 8 hour shifts usually pay straight pay on an 8/40 or 8/80 schedule: if you work over 8/day or over 40 a week, over 8 a day or 80 a pay period then you go into overtime. Nursing is a 24-hour-a-day job. Some may also offer weekend differential pay for any hours worked during the weekend since many people prefer to work during the week. For full time and part time. However, when the times are good, the premiums reflect, and a nurse can be well compensated through these bonuses. Upvote. Related questions: What are the shift differentials for unit coordinators and patient access representative. Are Undocumented Workers Entitled To Overtime? I work 12 hour shifts over night so 4 of those hours are on evenings and the other 8 are on nights and I have to work every basically every other weekend (for this example let's just say one weekend shift a week) I was looking at my paycheck today and I noticed something odd. How do nurses adjust to working the night shift? 5,872 CNA Shift Differential jobs available on But once the War ended labor movements began calling for “time to live,” according to Robert Whaples, an economics professor at Wake Forest University. Those changes, some legal and some not, have made the number of hours worked less and less important. It's important to take such things into consideration as you are looking for jobs and comparing one compensation to another. Either that or they’re being classified as “administrators,” “managers” or “professionals,” other types of workers who aren’t legally entitled to overtime. And the lab, imaging departments and EKG technicians may actually respond faster. There is a shift differential. For example, some employers might pay a lower base rate per hour … Downvote. The benefit of working straight night shifts is that often the pay differential is rather substantial, sometimes $5-$10 per hour more. Shift differential is paid to affected hospital employees for all hours worked between 2:30 p.m. and 8:00 a.m. the following day. Of course, there are still plenty of people who work for an hourly wage, almost 76 million by the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ count. Again, employers aren't required to pay shift differentials, but they may choose to do so to attract candidates to fill those less desirable shifts. Let’s say you work at a factory. Our differential pay schedule recognizes shift work, weekend work, and additional hours as follows: Evening shifts currently pay an extra $3 per hour. $3 per hr night shift $4 weekends. A shift differential is an extra bump in pay that some workers make for working outside of normal business hours. The law does not require you to offer additional compensation, but it can help retain employees. Dolly’s working-class takedown of corporate drudgery is certainly accurate, from at least one standpoint. In most cases, differential rates of pay are calculated by taking a worker’s regular hourly wage and then adding an additional percentage of that wage. Then, we’ll take her 8 hours of overtime and multiply them by her overtime wage: Add $248 to $826.80 and we get $1,074.80, Jane’s total pay for the week. When they work the night shift they are paid a shift differential of $2 an hour. Technically speaking, a shift differential is just one type of “differential pay.”. For example, a company increases the pay of anyone working on its graveyard shift by 10%, or an emergency care clinic pays its doctors an extra $300 to work the second shift. Without overtime wages, Jane should get $640 plus $320 plus her shift differential of $32, for a total of $992. In passing the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) in 1938, Congress normalized an 8-hour-workday in the form of a standard 40-hour-workweek: eight hours a day, five days a week. Downvote 1. This procedure describes how the shift differential is defined for specific entities (hospital or university) here at UAB. Most businesses will outline how shift differentials work, if they’re offered, in the employee handbook.Usually, however, differential What differentials each facility offers and how much they offer will vary. They only get part of the holiday rate, for the shift that "begins" on the holiday. Other companies followed suit, and eventually, even the Federal Government caught on. An excellent tutorial from the 1930's on the principles and development of the Differential Gear. Negative health ∗Correspondence: Susan Ann Vitale; Email:; Address: Nursing Division, Molloy … Americans have almost never worked for only 8 hours a day. They are paid accordingly, the PM shift diff for PM hours, the NOC shift diff for NOC hours, and day shift rate for the day shift. Upvote. We do get two half hour clocked out breaks during our 12-hour shift, as well, so every shift we work we get 3.5 hours of 1.5x pay! “There are only two sleeping patterns for the night shift,” says Sollars. Where I work we get base 7-3, add diff for the rest of the shift 3-7p. It’s all takin’ and no givin’. POLICY 204.B University HospitalShift differential is paid to affected hospital employees for all hours worked between 2:30 p.m. and 8:00 a.m. the following day. Report. 3 Advantages of Night Shift Nursing. First, we’ll take Jane’s first 40 hours of work, which don’t get overtime, and multiply them by her regular rate. Employers decide the amount of shift differential pay. 3 answers.

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