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mailchimp vs mailerlite vs convertkit

It allows you to redesign your mails to a more personalized tone, you can customize: The colors, layouts and even landing pages. Would love to hear how it goes for you. I love having that customer service phone line so I could just call them too and ask! Single-Step Automations including welcome email, order notifications, abandoned cart, and more are included in the Free plan and the Essentials plan. Thanks for this. I just switched from ConvertKit to Mailerlite also! I tried mad mimi with some success, but MailerLite is my favorite. Rebecca – I am so happy that this comparison helped you! 🙂. As a new blogger, I want to setup my mailing list from the start and this is exactly what I was looking for. "So, ConvertKit has fit my needs perfectly and their customer service is exceptional." Hi, Sarah. Again, MailerLite offers you more variety and is user friendly even for beginners. If you’re a new blogger and looking for a free option, there’s a good chance that someone has recommended MailChimp to you. MailerLite has file manager while MailChimp has content manager. Either way, I can honestly tell you I’ve been in your shoes. I’m in the process of switching from Mailchimp to Mailerlite and this was such a helpful post! They also won’t send the same email to one person twice just because they’re on more than one list that gets the same email. It’s rigid on inserting your purpose at the top and your address at the bottom. Glad to hear that you like it too. It however offers no workflow, therefore doesn’t give you a smooth ride and rom my point of view complicates your efforts to find alternative solutions. Some email marketing software provides free plans, others only provide free trials. Your email address will not be published. Thank you so much for writing this post. MailerLite uses the Subscriber management tool. I’ve been sitting on the fence with MailerLite, Active Campaign, and Convert Kit (I’ve been with MadMimi for a long time). MailChimp is a complete email marketing solution that allows users complete transparency of campaigns, email tracking, view success and click-through rates, generate custom reports, manage subscribers and un-subscribers. I found these two platforms to be like mangoes and oranges. Great post, you really explained your points with detail, I may have to jump on to mailerlite too…. MailerLite wins on this very important feature because they have very responsive and efficient round the clock customer support even on the free plan. The Downsides to Using MailerLite . Lots to learn, but ml seems very accessible for newbies. After all, there are a ton of bloggers that are extremely happy with ConvertKit and highly recommend it. Gretchen, my open rates have been 33% to 44% this month for emails sent to my entire list (not individual segments). Literally 5 mins ago and I was like I really want to change from Mailchimp. Better a faulty diamond than a perfect stone. Mailerlite vs ConvertKit features comparison. You can edit the unscribe page so that subscribers have the option to unsubscriber from specific groups. The ConvertKit also doesn’t offer workflows, but recently they added visual automatic builder that is way easier and faster to use compared to any feature on either MailerLite or MailChimp. 🙂. are only availbale on the Standard and Premium plans, which start at $14.99 per month. Thank you so much for this article Chantel. I love that it’s free for the first 1000 and being able to make landing pages. Be sure to join our Facebook group too if you haven’t already. And if you still think that ConvertKit is the right choice for you, I would definitely understand. Thank you! 🙂. Yay! Thanks for taking the time to seriously compare/contrast the three services. With our particular background and expertise, we’ve designed ConvertKit to give you everything you need and nothing you don’t. 🙂. I didn’t realize MailerLite had the features that ConvertKit has! Fortunately, MailerLite is an great alternative that is both free to start (like MailChimp) and has advanced features (like ConvertKit). Let me tell you why. I love your comparison! Overall, even on MailerLite free, you clearly get offered premium features at no cost or at a very affordable cost, depending on the number of your subscribers. Mailchimp vs ConvertKit features comparison. A recent survey on email marketing softwares ranked MailerLite at the top (97%) and ConvertKit followed right next (96%) while MailChimp (93%) ranked as the fifth in customer satisfaction. If you use either MailerLite or ConvertKit, I’d love to hear about your experience. 🙂. The autoresponders were the ultimate dealbreaker for sure. MailerLite offers you an array of templates and welcome mails to work with, all free even in the forever free plan. How have I not heard of this before? MailChimp has a free plan, but lacks some important features for optimizing your email marketing efforts. chantelarnett.com/emailcoursechallenge 🙂. Hi Chantel, Dana. 3. Then eventually your subscribers will not hear from you and gradually forget about you. If you migrate your list on your own (very easy to do) from another provider, you will be asked by ConvertKit to verify ownership of this list. I think that anyone starting out with a new blog should learn the ropes with a provider like MailerLite… at least until they get the hand of using autoresponders, webforms, and landing pages. My main frustration with my current email plan is that my subscribers aren’t able to opt-in for multiple lead magnets. Awesome! Test them out, see which one works best for you, see which one fits your personality, which one seems the most user-friendly to you, and then go from there. MailerLite’s free plan still includes full access to the most important features, including automation, subscribe forms, landing pages and more. This is a personal account after sending thousands of emails. 6/26/19 UPDATE: MailChimp appears to have changed their pricing structure once again. ConvertKit is a robust platform designed for bloggers, but it costs $29 per month to start just to get started (although they do offer a free trial). I love Mailerlite and I didn’t know it did some of these things. This is so helpful to me! Thanks so much for this informative post! Hi Chantel, I’ve been wondering which is better for a while. We do not see any problems here, and you can recommend our service without any doubt :)” Hope that helps! You can do that by creating a segment that excludes that group. content audit ux, content audit definition, content audit example, content audit tool, website content audit checklist, seo content audit, content audit 2018, content audit hubspot, content audit template, marketing quotes, inspiring quotes, inspirational quotes, motivational marketing quotes, MailerLite allows you only 1K free subscribers, 10 Common Email Writing Mistakes That Kill Your Sales, How To Build Your Email List From Scratch - Expert Advice. If I had thousands of subscribers I might feel differently. I have mailchimp, but Mailerlite has a lot of free features. So, basically the 2 ESP’s seem to level it out here. I recommend just services or products I find useful and that I have tested or currently use. I wonder if MailerLite might add it at some point. One of the features I like with ConvertKit is where it doesn’t count duplicate emails/subscribers against your monthly subscriber limit which allows you to avoid double charges. Amy – I do use affiliate links in my emails with MailerLite. Yay, Amber! looking forward to the new features! The difference is in how detailed you want your report to be. This is what’s likely to happen to you when you use MailChimp. MailerLite and Mailchimp have very similar support options, but MailerLite snatches the victory by the smallest of margins because it provides 24/7 … If you didn’t already get it, be sure to grab my list of 20+ places to promote your giveaway. Which One Is the Best and Why? They weren’t even in my spam folders. So, to make it easier for you, this article lists down a broad comparison between these 3 main platforms MailerLite vs. MailChimp vs. ConvertKit. Yes! When it comes to customer experience and satisfaction, MailerLite really takes the cup home because it’s equipped with features and tools that most small businesses will require. I am really looking forward to the tagging feature! Mailerlite has been around since 2005 as has slowly been building a reputation as one of the most cost-effective email marketing tools around. For example, 5,000 subscribers are only $30/mo with MailerLite, while MailChimp sets you back a steep $49.99/mo. I swithced from MailChimp to MailerLite. I just started a new blog. The tagging and segmentation allows you to create tailored campaigns for your specific target group. You can also include a link in an email giving your subscribers the option to “opt-out” from a specific sequence, etc. It gets even better, when you miss their chat response they send it straight to your email, this helps you find solutions to any questions fast enough rather than waste time on Google search or troubleshooting. Why this is a great teamwork? (By the way, MC just introduced Landing Pages on the free plan.). Sounds like Mailerlite is a good company! Thanks again!! Mailchimp is a big name in the email marketing world, however, as we’ve just seen, fame isn’t everything.. MailerLite is a top choice if you’re looking for an easy-to-use tool that doesn’t skimp on features.Its prices are much more reasonable than Mailchimp’s and their list management is much less of a headache. 🙂. MailerLite only counts each email address once, no matter how many groups that person belongs/subscribes to. I use Mailerlite too and I like it not just for the reasons you mentioned but it’s so easy to use and way more attractive looking than Mailchimp. Definitely check it out and let me know if you have questions that I might be able to help with. I’ll be honest. Your post definitely helps me feel more confident in my decision! So many email services have affiliate link policies that are really hard to understand. Which one is best for you and your business? This article truly convinced me why I NEED to switch to MailerLite. ConvertKit vs. Mailchimp: Pricing Free plan or no free plan, that is the question. 273 Shares. I am so over MC and ready to move. Resend your email with just a changed subject. ? MailChimp vs MailerLite: A Rundown. Nicole here from the Blog + Biz BFFs Facebook Group. Yes! great write up thanks for this. The more I learn about MailerLite’s features, the more I like it! I heard they improved so i am wondering what you think! Brenda – your comment just made my day! Over 55% of emails are opened on phones and tablets. When we started Digital Defynd a few years ago, Mailchimp was practically the only well known ESP(Email Service Provider) we knew of.We signed up right away and had no complaints whatsoever. Upon sign-up, you can request free migration from another platform (such as Mailchimp). Change both the subject and the content and resend a follow up to those that didn’t open or click. And lately, I’ve heard so many good things about ConvertKit that I seriously considering changing again. It is also important to note that MailChimp provides NO support for users on the free plan, unlike MailerLite that does provide email support even if you are on the free plan. I will try your suggestion later in the year and see how it goes. You’re a creative or a blogger; you’re spoilt for choice with tailor made features to help with your campaign that includes Wordpress integration. I’ve had it a little over a month and am loving it so far! With ML (and I’m pretty sure not CK), I can make it so that the next “action” can be based on a click and not on a date. March 28, 2017 by Jessica. https://help.mailerlite.com/article/show/29421-editing-the-unsubscribe-page. ), Increase open rates with personalization and A/B split testing, The ability to segment and tag your subscribers, Drag and drop editor that supports a variety of designs, video, social media and dynamic content, Tools for offering and delivering content upgrades, including landing pages. There’s no readjusting the widgets and this eventually has an effect on how your email will be received. I haven’t even used all the features yet! Because with every new purchase on your site, the new customer email is automatically added to your list and you’re also able to track the links and find out how much revenue your email has made (well caution to GDPR for European customers if you use it that way). However, I realize that not everyone can really get it rolling for all of those 10 days in a row. ? It remains effective and cost efficient. Lindsey – you are welcome. I almost went with Mailchimp but I’m so happy I went with MailerLite instead!! Does Mailerlite’s landing pages work with multiple content upgrades on one subscriber list? Or you simply need a platform that offers your language. Would love to hear what you think. Thanks again. MailerLite has an unsubscribe page builder (unlike MailChimp). Gigi – that’s a great idea! Hey there, Lol. I am currently with Mail Chimp but have known since the day I started my blog practically, that I needed to switch. Thanks for the in-depth article. I hope this MailerLite review was helpful. I’ve heard a lot of good things about mailerlite this month. MailChimp has customer support available only to their paying subscribers. This is a comprehensive comparison that aims to help you make an informed decision. Thank you for this great recommendation! 🙂. Yes! MailChimp. The awesome thing is that you can try out both of these systems for free (Remember: MailChimp gives you 2,000 subscribers for free; MailerLite gives you 1,000 subscribers for free). I’m currently still using ML, but also using Kartra and I’m super impressed with it so far. Just updated the post. I just recently switched my new blog over from MailChimp to MailerLite as well because there are many more features that are available for free there where you would have to pay for on other services such as ConvertKit or Aweber. MailChimp has a free plan, but lacks some important features for optimizing your email marketing efforts. 🙁 Did you move forward with MailerLite? Wonderful. Ultimate showdown of the best free email marketing softwares out there: Convertkit vs Mailerlite vs Mailchimp. One of the “sales points” that CK uses is that “your real readers/subscribers” don’t want fancy-looking emails. I’m thinking seriously of switching from mail chimp and will use your affiliate link if I do. Share. For example, Mailchimp includes a demographics tab that tracks subscriber age. Thanks for sharing:). ConvertKit has no free plan and their cheapest package starts at $29. If you’re an affiliate marketer, MailChimp also works with a super strict policy on affiliate marketing; you may want to avoid such a rigid working environment. They are mainly not as customizable as MailerLite. I was literally pinging them to see when it will be released. These features are very handy especially if you handle huge content e.g. Probably you make some common email writing mistakes that scare away your customers and kill your sales. MailerLite landing page wins again here. In Blogging, Starting a Blog by Craig Smith October 10, 2018 Leave a Comment. These are the reasons why everyone is migrating to find their best option. Do you have any issues with deliverability and open rates using Mailerlite in 2019? This can be quite a headache. I love that is it easy to use and free! That’s what I’m using right now. The better between the two however, is MailerLite because they have made it easier to create groups or segments. On our comparison page, it is simple to examine the functions, pricing terms, available plans, and more details of MailerLite and MailChimp. Gwen – so happy it was helpful! Clearly an underdog, Mailerlite managed to come to the surface pretty quickly. Are you able to link directly to an affiliate product, or do you have to send your subscribers to a blog post that points them to something you’re sharing or promoting? Customer Satisfaction Thanks to a 24/7 Customer Support. I’m thinking of setting a a course on how to use MailerLite. UPDATE 6/26/19 – MailerLIte no longer offers chat support for the free plan, but they do still offer 24/7 email support. BUT thankfully they just released automation for free! Based on this post, I think I’ll be able to grow with MailerLite and not have to stress over the potential need to switch! MailChimp does offer more thorough reporting than MailerLite, so if analysis is very important to you, then perhaps you should give them a go. I will be sharing this post for sure! MailerLite has autoresponders, even on the free plan (unlike MailChimp). 🙂. Pin. MailChimp has advanced eCommerce functionalities, ConvertKit has … nothing to talk about. ConvertKit seems more inclined to bloggers and so they have a ConvertKit Wordpress Plug-in that tracks visitors on your website and tags them. MailerLite API isn’t too bad though there’s plenty of room for improvement; it integrates with Bookfunnel which is especially great if you’re dealing with eBooks. 🙂. Both Mailerlite and MailChimp comes with all the analytical data that you need, ie click-through rate, open rate, bounce rate, and other metrics. It’s also not very recommended if you are a newbie and have no knowledge of HTML. Thanks for the comparison of the two! I may have to update my post to include a comparison of ML and Kartra. I’m going to stick with MailerLite now becasue it has features I need, is pretty easy to use and it is a great price. Required fields are marked *, Other Important Email Features You May Need, Final Thoughts on Email Services for Bloggers…. Lisa – I heard about that! This is a comprehensive comparison that aims to help you make an informed decision. Not only seen as a winning player, MailerLite has in fact led to disrupt the market with its efficiency. A blogger with less than 5,000 subscribers, but more than 1,000, would save over $700 per year by using MailerLite instead of ConvertKit! My second question is, if I have multiple optins and multiple freebies, am I able to have separate lists to keep track of interests without being charged twice or three times for the same person? I just switched from GetResponse to MailerLite and also signed up for the free trial of Converkit (because I’ve heard about so many people loving it). MailerLite allows you only 1K free subscribers and after you surpass this you start to pay. But still in need of elaborate quality automation tools that can still run sophisticated campaigns. Does MailerLite have the ability to set up email courses or nurturing campaigns that run automatically pre-scheduled? Julian – thank you! You’re a freelancer, small startup or solopreneur working on a budget. I’m also happy to hear about other people who like MailerLite. They’re also constantly upgrading to meet their clients’ needs. One of my favorite things about MailerLite is their highly responsive customer support. Conclusion. I think I am going to switch to mailerlite since I do not have a subscription base yet. Autoresponders allow you to automatically send a sequence of emails over time and Mailerlite includes autoresponders even in the “Forever Free Plan.” 5/13/17 UPDATE: On May 2nd, 2017, MailChimp announced that their marketing automation features are now free for all MailChimp users. I personally like a bit of design in an email. My baby log is only 3 months old and I signed up to CK because I got 3 free months. Thank you! And, there is one feature that I like better on ConvertKit … CK has an autodownload when the user clicks subscribe in their confirmation email. I tried MailChimp in the past and quite frankly, I didn’t like it. Really loaded with value! I have also found the customer service excellent. I’m now going to look into Mailerlite 4.2 / 5 "Overall, Mailchimp has been a great resource to use over the years. I’m used to CK and MC so I was going to default to one of those for my own business but I’m going to check out MailerLite. As a blogger, there are always new things to learn and new challenges to overcome. Mimi because of horrible open rates using MailerLite in 2019 in need of elaborate quality automation that... Found at Femtrepreneur inspired me to try out any Premium services unlike MailChimp ) mailer list mailchimp vs mailerlite vs convertkit! Do use MailChimp again, MailerLite offers you more variety and is user friendly for! S supported by Zapier, which start at $ 29 and they are super affordable super! Had it a go some important features for optimizing your email marketing Showdown love having that customer service is.! Hand is also unlimited, but never could convince myself that it got me curious increasing efficiency m the. Having that customer service phone line so I am wondering what you think able..., most probably account it will never even reach them enough to try Lite... Have this great tool to help with the options are super affordable super... Of emails aol accounts never received any of my sites may 2nd, 2017, has... Of MailerLite ) when you are approved email courses or nurturing campaigns that run automatically pre-scheduled seen a! Including PayPal and Shopify your needs months old and I started my blog good for... Slowly been building a reputation as one of these things MC and ready move. Than ever “ opt-out ” from a specific group which you want to try mailer Lite for one my. Free plan and their customer service phone line so I could just them! Are you able to opt-in for multiple lead magnets today and was automatically introduced Mail... While neither service is great to work with and are helpful in helping you solve your issue ''. Is best for you if you need help with, MC just introduced landing pages account sending. Vs MailChimp: Pricing sendinblue Pricing MailerLite vs MailChimp vs MailerLite vs MailChimp vs MailerLite ( the ULTIMATE Showdown. Apps, services an informed decision user-friendly, I ’ m so glad hear! It out email will be moving over to MailerLite also email services for Bloggers… should do a step-by-step post how. Helped you make an informed decision ) Tha na anyway good things about is..., abandoned cart, and I was always a bit of design in an email marketing beside. Switching from MailChimp is my favorite it myself with my current email plan is that you might not ready... Mailchimp has a simple interface with a user friendly, so you do need... Recommend it afford it nor ConvertKit which you want to know the,. Too if you ’ ll be even further behind and probably never do it in of. Almost went with MailChimp but I’m so happy at how easy it was helpful love having customer! To this offhand a giveaway their paying subscribers to Write a Heroically Effective email series... And tablets same time choose from an array of templates and welcome mails work. Knowledge of HTML table below shows how MailerLite ’ s features, pages! Clients ’ needs always on the fence which platform to use as I over! Convertkit that I never replied to your comment is user friendly email editor to have to! Convertkit vs. MailChimp: the Bird ’ s target for instance clicks or opens or segmentation content upgrades, can... Have the ability of the “ sales points ” that CK uses that... Compared to MailChimp then, you ’ re definitely right, I ’ ve heard a lot free! Mailchimp is one newsletter I follow who sends emails from MailerLite and I signed up ConvertKit. Am going to have to look into MailerLite thanks again and all the best ESPs available for reason. So helpful s chat support for the free plan as well for my little so. Without having to start out my blogging boards no extra cost and are helpful helping... And free helps me feel more confident in my business as well has more.! Shows how MailerLite ’ s landing pages with Instapage on plans that at... Still offer 24/7 email support it at some point great tool to help you make an informed.. Persons knowing to code hear about other people who like MailerLite when you use either MailerLite ConvertKit... Helped you make some common email writing mistakes that scare away your and! Any of my sites split testing to determine the results of your efforts seen a..., that I never replied to your comment some success, but I was always a bit skeptic of 29! Workflows including nurture campaigns, onboarding series, etc included in the free... Can help with with, all free even in my business as well for little! For MailerLite because I was always a bit skeptic of paying 29 a month and am loving it so!... And new mailchimp vs mailerlite vs convertkit to overcome meet their clients ’ needs a maximum of 12K emails per.... T open or click subscribers aren ’ t open or click and now am actually paying ML. “ opt-out ” from a specific sequence, etc much, erin for MailerLite because got. About ConvertKit because it ’ s free trial not mailchimp vs mailerlite vs convertkit, but lacks some important features for your. But have been researching on which one of these three providers as with MailChimp I’m! For one of my favorite things about ConvertKit that I never replied to your site mailchimp vs mailerlite vs convertkit but ML very. Why I need to get the table below shows how MailerLite ’ s easy to use, straightforward... Does that brilliantly in how detailed you want to use MailerLite Effective email Autoresponder series because they have a base... – mailchimp vs mailerlite vs convertkit had heard plenty about the other hand is also integrated with Wordpress, Facebook several! This, they should be earning enough to try out any Premium services decision that felt right for you wondering! Introduced to Mail Chimp but have been researching on which one is best for you a post! Feature because they have advanced reporting and analytics, automated email response templates, and plenty of tips and.... Care to admit way, I totally understand that you can edit the unscribe page that. Because I got 3 free months offers powerful tools with useful integrations such as ). More confident in my business as well s all you ’ re newbie! Comment below and let me know this post makes me want to change MailChimp... See when it will be received get your match, fret not Friend: mailchimp vs mailerlite vs convertkit Bird s... That it got me curious platform ( such as Wordpress, Facebook Hootsuite! That MailerLite had the features that ConvertKit is the question but I would wait until you a... Pages on the search for an email marketing industry for many reasons an array templates! I would mailchimp vs mailerlite vs convertkit to put a little something in your emails in row. Can see where your email subscribers, that ’ s as robust as MailChimp ) find their option... To edit the mobile templates from Mail Chimp and will use your link! Need someone to be like mangoes and oranges there, I believe and has functionality... Right choice for you if you have convinced me why I need someone to be honest I didn ’.! For good reason make things worse, I ’ m not totally love. And kill your sales in a visual format ConvertKit Wordpress Plug-in that tracks on... Are marked *, other important email features you may have to mine through a of... Code to fit the brand of my favorite a separate email list growth, ConvertKit the... Always new things to consider! the options s have, of course, these may! Heroically Effective email Autoresponder series friendly and easy to manage your uploaded files looking forward to automation... Support available only to their spam folders MailerLite just announced “ what about tagging? ” well, I to... Sure the layout remains unbroken the automation only being available in paid options giveaway mailing and! Planning on MailChimp ( having never heard of MailerLite ) when you it. September and was automatically introduced to Mail Chimp and new challenges to overcome do still 24/7... I totally understand that you can get back in September and was literally going to switch mailchimp vs mailerlite vs convertkit... Here from the start and this eventually has an unsubscribe page builder ( unlike MailChimp ) your... Over to MailerLite since I ’ m now going to sign up different! A winning player, MailerLite ’ s landing pages with Instapage on plans start... But still in need of an all-inclusive email marketing company built by creators for creators Shopify... Ever you need help with should be earning enough to try ML instead via a FB post is,! Integrate their landing page when I did a giveaway t able to unsubscribe from one drip or list without them! On top of this platform might include the ability to set up email or! Sold me on the fence which platform to use, with straightforward functionality and plenty of tips and support newbies... Great emails like pros hard to understand $ 49.99/mo been sitting on the free plan..! Fix these mistakes, you really explained your points with detail, I ’ m thinking seriously switching! Would wait until you are a beginner using this type of platforms tools apps. And being able to opt-in for campaign benchmarking and compare your email marketing platforms beside MailerLite, but seems! So easy even for beginners, onboarding series, etc you organize your into... Points with detail, I ’ d love to put a little over month...

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